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What Are the Most Common Allergies in Cats?

Being itchy is no fun and your cat doesn’t enjoy scratching all day either. One of the most common causes of itchiness is allergies, and cats can have allergies of all kinds. MissionVet is here to help pet owners understand the most common allergies in cats and how they are treated. Common Types of Allergies [...]

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My Pet Can’t Breathe!

When a pet cannot breathe, also known as respiratory distress, this can be one of the most frightening experiences a pet owner can experience. If you notice your pet having breathing difficulty, they should be brought to a veterinary facility as quickly as possible. Anxiety can worsen any difficult breathing situation, so when transporting a [...]

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What Does a Pet Emergency Look Like?

When your pet doesn’t seem quite right, it can be easy to either panic or dismiss the symptoms. For these reasons, it is important that pet owners are able to identify what is a true pet emergency quickly. MissionVet wants all pet owners to know what to look for and how to respond to an [...]

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Why is My Pet Constantly Itchy?

Do you frequently notice your pet scratching furiously at itself? Many pet owners watch their dogs and cats constantly scratch without thinking much of it, but it could be more than just run-of-the-mill itchiness that your pet is dealing with. That’s why MissionVet recommends that pet owners bring their overly-itchy pets to a veterinary dermatologist [...]

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