The specialty of internal medicine is one of the broadest and most comprehensive within veterinary medicine. Internal medicine specialists are trained to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s history and clinical findings to allow optimal diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic recommendations based on the whole clinical picture. When traditional or baseline diagnostic testing fail to diagnose a sick patient, or if a pet is simply not responding to appropriate therapy, we are available to provide the latest technology in the diagnosis and management of your pet’s medical concerns.

Our internal medicine department sees patients on a referral basis and strives to manage your pet’s health concerns in collaboration with your family veterinarian. In addition, within the hospital we employ a team approach between specialties to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible.

These are generally conditions that are unusual, difficult to manage or have associated complications that require more advanced diagnostic testing, monitoring and/or therapies. These conditions may include but are not limited to:

Evaluation and treatment of hormonal conditions including diabetes mellitus, Cushing’s disease, thyroid-related disorders and electrolyte disorders.
Evaluation and treatment of conditions of the gastrointestinal tract including stomach, small intestines, large intestines, liver, and pancreas.
Evaluation and treatment of respiratory disease (including upper airway disease and lower airway or lung disease such as asthma or pneumonia), heart disease, and systemic hypertension.
Evaluation and treatment of kidney failure, kidney disease, proteinuria and lower urinary tract disease.
Evaluation and treatment of blood and bone marrow related disease (anemia and other disorders of both red and white blood cells).
Evaluation and treatment of a variety of tick borne, bacterial, fungal and other infectious diseases.
Chris Jones, DVM, DACVIM
Taelor Internal Medicine Client Patient Coordinator

Diagnostic services available:

  • Diagnostic ultrasound (chest and abdomen)

  • Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates and biopsies

  • Fluid collection from body cavities (abdominocentesis, thoracocentesis and pericardiocentesis)

  • Minimally invasive evaluation of the gastrointestinal, urinary and respiratory systems (gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, urethroscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy, and rhinoscopy)

  • Bone marrow sampling

  • Advanced imaging (CT and MRI)

  • Radiographic contrast studies (swallowing studies, urinary investigation)

  • Fluoroscopic evaluation of the trachea

What our clients say

Dr Ramsey’s knowledge was exceptional! Everyone working there was great!
Lolly Molly's Mom, Mary
Dr. Ramsey was very nice and detailed about my dog. He answered all my questions.
Buddy's Mom, Laura
It is so obvious that this group of professionals care very much about their clients, animal and human alike.
Rocky's Mom, Barbara
Dr. Ramsey is an amazing vet! He really takes the time to explain diagnosis and treatment options in detail and so they are easily understood.
Boo's Mom, Wendy
This place just blows other specialty vets out of the water. From the staff to the techs to the veterinarians to the management, we have had such a pleasant experience here despite our puppy being critically ill. It is a bit pricey but so worth it for all the care involved. You know your animal is getting close monitoring, up to date evidence-based care, individualized treatment plans and lots of TLC. We are so pleased with every aspect of our experience.
Morty's Mom, Stephanie
Dr. Ramsey and Bianca were wonderful! It’s never easy to see our fur babies suffering from illnesses. Dr Ramsey was very thorough, kind and caring.
Scooter's Mom, Ava
Dr. Ramsey, I’m writing to thank you for probably saving Donny’s life. He’s been perfectly healthy, happy, and breathing great since you treated him for asthma. I can tell you are passionate for what you do; you were respectful, informative, and I knew you had his health in your best interests. Thank you for that. Please thank your staff as well; they were equally terrific. Hopefully Donny won’t have another flare up that bad again, but if he does I know where I will be taking him.
Donny's Dad, Kevin

I have consistently been impressed with Dr. Ramsey’s knowledge but also concern and caring towards Maggie. He is also has helped decrease my own anxiety and concerns related to Maggie’s health.

Maggie’s Mom, Juli

Dr. Ramsey explains conditions and treatment options better than doctors I’ve been to for human ailments. He takes the time to make sure options are clear and all questions are answered. He is amazing!

Lola’s Mom, Wendy
I can’t give Dr. Ramsey high enough remarks because FREAKING INCREDIBLE was not one of the options. I will forever be indebted to him for saving Sinbad’s life!
Sinbad’s Mom, Lori

The doctors and staff here were wonderful. I highly recommend them for emergency and specialty vet needs.

We ended up at MissionVet through the emergency department when our young female boxer was collapsing and bleeding from her mouth. The emergency team triaged Daphne immediately and began working to stabilize her. We were able to sit in a private room while we waited for any news, instead of sitting out in the waiting room (I was an emotional disaster). They cared for her for almost 3 days in their hospital and then we brought her home. We didn’t know what would happen, but Dr. Ramsey and the internal medicine team were wonderful in giving Daphne her best chance. We were able to call and check in whenever we needed and we never had issues getting ahold of someone familiar with Daphne’s case. Dr. Ramsey worked with our local vet to monitor Daphne’s condition as we cared for her at home.

We just had a checkup with Dr. Ramsey and Daphne is now completely off meds and she is in full remission.

Thank you to everyone at MissionVet for saving our fur baby!

Daphne’s Mom, Caitlin

Dr Ramsey is a very thorough specialty vet. The staff at MissionVet is the best in San Antonio.

Munchkin’s Mom, Linda

I was very impressed with Dr. Torres’s “ bedside manner” with my fur baby, Chubbs. You can tell she has a real love for fur babies! Everyone was very courteous, friendly and professional. Considering why I was going there, everyone I came in contact with was very helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend MissionVet to anyone who loves his/her fur baby & needs special attention

Chubbs’s Mom, Thelma

Dr. Torres is great! She always ensures that I understand what’s going on with Milo. She also makes sure that I am aware of what follows.

Milo’s Dad, Cesar

Dr. Ramsey had been treating Strider for over a year and we have nothing but praise for his compassion and knowledge of Strider’s condition. All of the front desk staff are very personable and friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The PCPs are all top notch and make the visit as comfortable as possible. MissionVet has given Strider the best of care over this past year. He is improving every day and we are grateful for all of the staff.

Strider’s Mom, Patricia

The team at Mission are always courteous and have the upmost respect. I really love all of the PCP team members that I have had the pleasure of working with. They are caring, concerned, and make you feel confidant especially when you have a critically ill furry companion. Dr. Ramsey and his team again are the best I have been to in a very long time. I will always bring my pets to Mission based on the way I have been treated and most of all my Baby boy.

Baby’s Mom, Jackie

Dr. Ramsey was very knowledgeable about my dog’s illness and treatment. He was friendly, courteous and professional with every visit.

Summer’s Mom, Gina

I am so impressed with Dr. Ramsey. I have recommended him to friends and HIGHLY recommend Mission to everyone. The front staff are wonderful!

Sidney James’s Mom, Jeanae
I can’t say enough GOOD about Dr. Ramsey. I feel very lucky to have him caring for my very challenging and special companion. The level of care I am receiving far exceeds what I have found in ANY General Practice environment. You’re lucky you have Dr. Ramsey!
Emily’s Mom, Addi

“We love Dr. Ramsey!!! Wish we had found him sooner!”

Bucky’s Mom, Linna


We ask that you do not feed your pet the day of their appointment in case a test or procedure is recommended. Please pull up food and water the night before the schedule appointment, please continue any medications as instructed unless told otherwise.
We will contact your primary veterinarian and ask for all pertinent information and any imaging that has already been performed. Your veterinarian may ask that you bring a disc or hard copy of the radiographs, which will be returned to you or your family veterinarian after all the information is interpreted by our doctors. There is a possibility that previously performed testing may need to be repeated.
A few problems that an internist will see and treat are:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Endocrine Related Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Immune Related Disorders
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Kidney Dysfunction
  • Liver Dysfunction
The attending doctor will review all history provided by the referring veterinarian and perform a complete physical exam during the appointment.  Once the doctor has a thorough assessment of what is recommended, his/her assistant will provide you with a detailed estimate to review.  The estimate will include the exam, testing, treatment, and hospitalization costs if needed.
You are welcome to stay in the building to wait for your pet’s testing to be completed and to meet with the doctor after they have reviewed the results. Unfortunately, you cannot be present during the testing, but we can provide you with an estimated wait time in case you would like to leave and come back later.
Typically, we do not have to sedate patients in order to perform non-invasive diagnostic procedures. You will be contacted in the rare event that your pet does require sedation.
Due to the complexity of most referral cases, it is not possible to obtain a diagnosis over the phone. Until we have received and reviewed all medical history and performed a thorough physical exam, we will not be able to offer medical recommendations for your pet.
If your pet is determined to need hospitalization to maximize their recovery from their illness, our doctors will contact you with the plan during hospitalization (medications, IV fluids, other diagnostics, etc.) and an estimate for the cost of hospitalization. Your pet will be monitored and cared for by a technical support staff with a staff veterinarian working with one of our specialists during the overnights and weekends to ensure they receive the same top quality care as they would during the weekdays.